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SFOGLIATELLE - 12 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: SFG01
Price: $42.00
Shipping Weight: 7.00 pounds
(Special instructions or requests):
(Bake-n-Serve Sfogliatelle) All you need to do is bake them
in your oven. This flaked, ridged pastry is filled with ricotta
cheese and enhanced with a hint of orange & citron. When
served warm, they are a crispy delight with espresso,
cappucino or your favorite coffee.
Sfogliatelle (pronounced sfo-lyah-TEL-e)
are Italian filled pastries that are shaped like shells or
cones. The word "sfogliatelle" means "many leaves/layers",
and this describes the dessert. 1 - dozen
Shipping: Anywhere in the USA
Sfogliatelle are created by rolling out dough very thin and slathering it with shortening (or, more authentically, strutto - rendered pork fat). The dough is then carefully rolled up (like a jelly roll), which creates the many layers. It is then cut into thin discs. The center of the disc (which looks like a roll of ribbon) is pushed out to make room for a pocket of filling. The filling is usually orange-flavored ricotta. Sometimes, other fillings, such as almond paste, can also be used for a different taste. The dough is sealed around the filling, and the pastries are then baked in a special way to make them crispy on the outside and to give them their characteristic ridges as the layers of dough separate. Sfogliatelle originated in Naples, Italy, and are thought to have been perfected in convents, because their making is so time-consuming.
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